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As the world’s famous supplier of Carisoprodol and Meprobamate intermediates, Ensky Chemical specialized in developing and producing fine chemicals and key intermediates of API, plus providing custom-made services to pharmaceutical and other industrial companies worldwide.

Ensky has the technical capability to carry out most reactions employed in the traditional pharmaceutical chemistry that can be performed in stainless steel and glass lined reactors. Ensky has more than 200 reactors ranging in size from 20 to 3000 liters with a total reactor volume of 120,000 liters. Its four workshops located in the Chemical Industrial Zone near Chongqing allow almost any quantity to be produced, from several kilograms to multi-tons.

Ensky is a green and environment-friendly enterprise. It views adopting new environmental friendly technologies in producing high-tech chemicals as its top priority. Its production process is in accordance with the standards listed in the GMP quality management system or above them

 ISO facilities and operating system
 Professional team members
 Experienced in custom manufacturing and QA processes
 Full protection to customer’s IP
 Dedicated team is established for each major project
 Flexibility to meet customers’needs


 Office address:3FI.,2-2 Area ,Jupiter Tech Building ,North New Zone,Chongqing,401121,China

 Plant address:Li Jiaping,Feng Cheng,Changshou District,401256,Chongqing,China

 HR office telephone:+86-23-86815112
 Marketing department telephone:+86-23-86815286
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